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the most Advanced Biofeedback Therapy (BRT)

for your health balance and improvement


the Lenyo products were successfully used by many Olympic champions and coaches for:

  •  muscle soreness and aches, recovery from injuries, detoxification, body regeneration
  •  improved oxygenation and blood circulation, adaptation to environmental changes
  •  concentration, stress reduction, fatigue, psychological balance, and overall wellbeing
  •  before and after surgery


Now available in easy to use consumer versions as well as for clinical environments

FDA registered as a class II biofeedback device and therapeutic massager.

Contact: president@hungarianinnovationcenter.com

Lenyo has unique Bioregulation Technology (BRT) devices that use advanced carrier waves, which represent a brand new approach in the field of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technologies. The purpose is to support biological communications at the cellular level which is critical to maintain the body's natural self regulation and adaptation activities, which in turn help strengthen the immune system and maintain overall body balance and wellness. 

The use of these devices are not a substitute for medical treatment but can be used in conjunction. In case you are under medical treatment or taking drugs, consult with your doctor regarding the use of the device.

If you have questions regarding the use of the devices or the protocols provided, please contact Hippocampus-BRT Ltd., to be connected to an advanced practitioner who will assist you. Contact them at lenyo@lenyo.hu. The information provided for the use of Lenyo Hippocampus devices is intended for persons having technical and health knowledge, skill and expertise. Not for use by children.

Lenyo Fractal with 1 Medium and one XL antenna
Lenyo Sport 6M + 2XL
Fractal Meridian with 1M +1XL

Ultra Wellness with 1 M pad

Harmony 3M+1 XL pad

Lenyo Mobile Pet 1M+1L

Lenyo Fractal

The LENYO Fractal BRT device has been designed for every day, personal use. It is light, durable and easy to carry. It has 32 short programs which address a variety of common areas related to the mind and body. The Fractal device can be used to maintain overall good health, or in the case of health problems, accidents and injuries, before and after surgery, or when there is an increased need for smooth operation of the organism. It works with two external antennas which can be used at the same time on one person to enhance effect or on two people to run the BRT program simultaneously.


The LENYO Sport BRT device is optimized for cases where well being may be worsened due to an active sports program or physical lifestyle. It offers 12 automated program combinations (27-79 minutes) including short versions, and can be run on a built-in battery. The Sport device can be used by two athletes at the same time (by applying 4-4 antennas) to increase intensity. It is simple to use, and programs can be started and stopped with the push of a button on the front panel.

Lenyo Fractal Meridian, for those familiar with body Meridians

YIN physiological functioning of the female urogenital system including gonads, uterus, cervix, vulva, urethra and urinary bladder etc.  YANG  in case of urogenital problems in men, LU mer. — lung meridian to harmonize the lung meridian's activities, LI mer. - large intestine meridian, ST mer. - stomach meridian SP/PAN mer. - spleen-pancreas meridian, HT mer. -  heart meridian,  SI mer. - small intestine meridian. BL mer. - urinary bladder meridian, KI mer. - kidney meridian PC mer. - pericardium-circulation-sex meridian, LIV mer. - liver meridian. WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER, MEDITATION I for beginners in meditation, MEDITATION II and III for more advanced meditations, 1st thru 7th CHAKRAS, ENERGY FIELD, ALERTNESS

Lenyo Ultra Wellness Mobile

is a bioregulation wellness device which generates pulsed electromagnetic field to carry natural signals of the organism and to accompany prevention related daily activities, like special diets, detox sessions, and stress management techniques. By using this device one can experience inner balance and ease to maintain regular daily activities and health conscious life style in the same time. The information provided for the use of Lenyo Hippocampus devices is intended for persons having technical and health knowledge, skill and expertise. It has 28 programs and can be used as a self contained mobile device with a signal emitter, and  also with external pads.

Lenyo Harmony

is primarily for behavior related problems but not excluding other benefits like over-exhausion from daily life. The devices are pre-programmed with 12 protocols related to balance, calm, concentration, detox, digestion, harmony, immune, vitality (each one contains synchronized program packages emitted by the 4 built-in signal generators). For your convenience cordless versions are also available with built in battery .

LENYO Mobile Pet

The 37 protocols of the LENYO Mobile Pet device can be applied to:

enhance general well-being, for prevention purposes, for health problems following accidents and injuries, before and after surgery, for the harmonization of the pet’s bodily functions.

Please allow 6-8 weeks of daily use to achieve noticeable wellness benefits. Many users notice benefits after one application. Each protocol consists of several sub-programs enhance each other, so do not interrupt their running. After the whole protocol is finished, the device stops automatically.

Important: The efficiency of the improving of well-being is significantly affected by the adequate fluid intake. In case of persistent health complaints or worsening of general well being of the pet, consult your veterinarian.