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Inventors and Small Businesses


Do you need funding, partners, or just some business counseling?

What will you do to make them want to give you money? How about as a start, give them a fantastic business plan? Why give them a run of the mill plan that you copy from a template or get from a discount planning source?


Prepare a customized plan with help from our experienced business team, that will knock their socks off, and will make them happy to meet with you. Proper communication and selling is everything.


We will help a limited number of startups or firms develop a plan, perhaps counsel them on funding, and we may even take part in growing your business.


Join our Innovation Club, by donating $1 or more for the year. Give us your contact information including email. Briefly describe your startup or small business and its needs. You will get back a questionnaire and business plan items to fill out. Send back the answers and we will review them and give you our comments on what your wrote. This brief review and our comments will cost you only $150.


If you  respond to our review in writing and decide that you want additional help in writing an effective business plan, then we will give you a price for this. Typically the industry price for this is

$1500 and up. This depends on the size and complexity of your business. The value of a good plan to you can be in the $ millions.


Given the current health situation we will conduct business only over the internet, unless you sign up for helping you to write your plan, then we will also use the phone. 

Business counseling and financing can be discussed after YOUR Plan is completed.

Next, beware of unscrupulous investors and officials! We have seen young inventors give away

51% equity and exclusive marketing rights for peanuts.  For fun and insight, see the movie pictured below!

What you give away varies in the USA, but no matter what, never give more than 20% equity in the first round.

Best of luck to you!

(Jules) Gyula Balogh

Hungarian Innovation Center, Inc.
(Jules) Gyula Balogh's Business Background

President, Hungarian Innovation Center, Inc
President Amerikaiak A Magyarokért Alapítvány in Hungary
Co-President, American Hungarian Federation (incorporated 1907)

Mr. Balogh's thinking is entrepreneurial and is based on over 40 years of experience at over 25 multinational, SME and startup firms in senior management or executive consulting roles.

Previous experience:

  • President, Hungarian Reformed Federation of America - a fraternal insurance business
  • Vice President, Strategy and Investment, Varatech, a manufacturing software business,
             President of its Sigmund subsidiary.
  • Vice President, Strategy at $200 million Health Risk Management,
             President of its Application Service Provider subsidiary
  • President, Interex Corporation, a Senior Management Consulting,  
            executive training, and software  firm,
  • Executive Vice President, Emesa, a venture capital firm
  • Corporate Vice President, Citicorp, New Business Idea Creation,
             the largest US bank at the time
  • Vice President, Strategy, Quotron Systems
  • Head of Econometric  Systems, Mathematica
            a firm started by Princeton University professors
  • Project Manager Haskins Labs, affiliated with Yale University-
            created reading machines for the blind
  • Project Manager, Boeing Aerospace, developed manufacturing software
            and software for missile recognition
  • Project Manager, IBM systems development, created part of their first time sharing systems.

Sample Projects

His largest projects were creating new business ventures at Citicorp. Part of the senior executive teams(strategy, marketing, acquisitions, risk managment)  that created their 55 million member credit card businesses. Built the business strategy, partners (ATT, Harvard Medical School, MIT, Johnson and Johnson, etc), and acquisitions at the corporate management level of  Citicorp (the largest US bank at the time) to capture a major  share of the then 1.4 trillion dollar US health payments, medical record keeping, and information markets. Helped to design new financial instrument trading systems, market analytics, and financial information systems at their  Quotron subsidiary, 

He taught the top 200 consumer business executives from 35 countries at the senior executive training programs at Citicorp , and was the only executive to teach at both the marketing and the risk management programs. Graduates included the past CEO of Mastercard, the past CEO of Wells Fargo, the past President of  Sears, and many executives from Europe, Asia, and Latin America (Citicorp was active in 35 countries).

 Other experience includes: IBM (created part of their first time sharing system), Boeing Aerospace (created a system for computerized manufacturing, and software for missile recognition systems), Haskins Laboratories (created computer reading machines for the blind (affiliated with Yale University), EMESA (venture capital fund for an Internet based financial auction business), Mathematica (head of econometric systems), PNC Bank (electronic banking-private bank), American Express (risk management), Mastercard (Purchasing card), Chase (Acquisitions), Equitable Life Insurance (modeled cost of union negotiations). He created a consumer software startup business  which had product such as BigWord and Markplan. Working with the CEO of Health Risk Management Inc., he developed the strategy for turning around his $200 million revenue firm which had a state-of-the-art evidence based medicine system and health claims processing business.  As Vice President for Strategy at Varatech, a manufacturing software firm, and President of its subsidiary Sigmund, Inc., he developed product, distribution and financing strategy.

His educational background includes an MBA in Finance from Columbia University, an M.Sc. from the New York University School of Engineering, and a B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Notre Dame.

In addition to the Executive programs at Citicorp, he designed and taught senior executive training programs at the Columbia University Business School, and at Habib Bank, the largest bank  in Pakistan.