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Unique Orgon Crystal Water Filter

Two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by water and two-thirds of the human body is water.  Water is of paramount importance for the survival of life.   It is as essential to life as air is to breathe. There is no life without water, but water quality is extremely important. There are basically two parameters that are measured, chemical purity, biological purity, but there is also a third quality characteristic, this is the structural state of water, which is very important for living organisms. The Orgon treated water is restructured to significantly improve its quality through a unique process and its daily use will do a better job of reducing toxins than other filters.

Why would you not drink the best quality water for drinking and cooking that you can get, and even taste its difference. Why would you buy plastic bottled water that does not have this high quality water and that costs more  than this Orgon crystal filter with tap water. Price $599 introductory price, will be $699 regularly. Quantity discounts possible.

Bioetheric Field Harmonizer

The harmonizer is an Orgon crystal radiator that serves as a special energetic and bioinformatics system. Its active parts are charged crystals, and the chassis is made of a special aluminum alloy. The device does not contain any moving parts of electronics; therefore the chance of a malfunction is very minimal. An efficient tool for natural treatments at home. Introductory price is $699,  will be $799 normally,

The person in the picture is undergoing Orgon Crystal therapy by radiating a bioetheric field. In particular wellness problem situations the pointer is placed next to the area where there are problems. It creates a harmonizing field in the part of the body that improves cellular communication, which in turn helps to improve the functioning of the immune system's response to the problem. This is not a replacement for any medical treatment.

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